Japanese Agricultural Product Name in China

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In recent years, it has become problems that trademarks related to Japanese agricultural product names were registered in China without permission.

The other day, it turned out that a Chinese companiy registered trademark consisting of Kanji characters and having a meaning of "Sky berry" without permission.

"Sky berry" is a popular large-sized strawberry breeded by Tochigi prefecture and traded at a high price. Tochigi prefecture is worried that this trademark may be an impediment to exporting "Sky berry" to China.

Meanwhile, registered trademark "Iwate" was in the same situation revoked because an opposition made by Iwate Prefecture was approved.

In this way, it may be possible to cancel the trademark registration, but it costs hundreds of thousands of yen to file an opposition.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan is struggling how to respond to this situation.

illustration of strawberry

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