Fireworks and Design

Zen International Patents and Trademark

Under Japanese Design Law, "Design" means the shape, patterns or colors, or any combination thereof, of an object which creates an aesthetic impression through the eye.

In other words, the shape, form and external appearance of an object can be protected under Design Law.

Therefore, the logo or character which do not directly connect with an object are out of protection.  Also, electricity, light, heat, sound etc. are out of protection since those are not recognized as objects. To be protected, it must be tangible.

For example, the shapes and patterns of fireworks launched in the sky are not tangible objects, and can not be protected under Design Law.

Speaking of fireworks, last weekend, a mid-sized firework display (6,000 fireworks) at the banks of Tama River of Tokyo was cancelled because the venue was hit by sudden severe thunderstorms, strong winds and hail.  The weather has been abnormal this month.





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