Trademark "PPAP" - No.2

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As we mentioned in our blog posted on January 6, 2017,  a "trademark troll" filed a trademark application for "PPAP", which stands for the song entitled「Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen」. The song was popularized by Pico Taro, a Japanese singer-comedian whose video recording of the song has garnered over a hundred million views on YouTube. It is widely believed that the song became an instant hit after Justin Bieber took notice of Pico Taro's video performance on YouTube and mentioned it in one of his appearances.

The controversial trademark application for "PPAP" filed by the trademark troll has become a public sensation in Japan, since the applicant has no connection whatsoever to the Avex Group, which produced the video.

In a  series of media interviews, the trademark troll has claimed a prior right to the "PPAP" trademark and has confidently stated "Anyway, I filed the application earlier than the Avex Group. I am considering giving a trademark license to them."


piko taro

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