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Scent Branding and Trademark

Zen International Patents and Trademark It is reported that only olfactory stimulation in our five senses is transmitted directly to the limbic system. A certain smell became a trigger for reviving old memories. – Everyone should have such experience. Some companies make use of the effect of scent for their branding. Singapore Airlines is famous for its sent branding.  It developed the original aroma and has kept using it for many years. Also, Hilton Tokyo in Japan uses original aroma produced by Air Aroma Japan. In the U.S.,  smell is registrable as a trademark.  However, in Japan, smell is not protected under the Trademark Law due to the difficulty of examination.

Name of Panda and Trademark

Zen International Patents and Trademarks In June of 2017, a Giant Panda baby was born at Ueno Zoological Gardens in Japan. The name of the cub born at a zoo is often chosen from submissions from the public. The panda cub’s name is also planned to be chosen from the public, and the candidates have already been narrowed down to eight. However, recently it has become a problem that trademark brokers register a famous name as a trademark for sale. Under this situation, the candidates have not been disclosed. What a hard world we are living in!

Golf Club Brand “XXIO”

Zen International Patents and Trademark Hideki Matsuyama, a Japanese young golf player, played active role and showed excellent form during 2017 PGA tour. The patter of “TP COLLECTION MULLEN” of Taylormade Golf that Matsuyama used during PGA tour is reportedly out of stock in Japan. By the way, the golf club brand that boasts most tremendous popularity in Japan is “XXIO” of DUNLOP SPORTS Co., Ltd. The word “XXIO” consists of “XXI” which indicates the number of twenty-one (21) by Roman numerals and “O” which is reminiscent of the shape of the golf ball. The name “XXIO” comes with a wish of  “Golf balls flying towards the 21st century”. The …

The Power of the Design in Branding Strategy

Zen International Patents and Trademark A well-designed logo is an important element in branding strategy. The logo can appeal to consumer’s sight, the most important sense, and remain in the memory with frequent exposure. Some companies succeeded in branding themselves by redesigning company logo. We believe Japanese apparel retailer, Uniqlo Co., Ltd., is that kind of company. Please see the below images.     The current logo was made by Kashiwa Sato, a famous designer, in 2006. The old logo is somewhat unsophisticated. On the other hand, the current one is simple and allows for easy recognition. Uniqlo made world debut at 2006 NY shop with the current logo, and …

CM Animation about Soap Made in Japan 100 years ago

Zen International Patents and Trademarks A soap advertisement movie that had been sold by “Nakayama Taiyodo” (now CLUB cosmetics Co.,LTD.) , a cosmetics manufacturer in Kobe was discovered at KOBE PLANET FILM ARCHIVE. This is 1 minute and 30 seconds animation movie.  It is said that this movie was produced by Seitaro Kitayama, the pioneer of Japanese animation. In one scene of this movie, the process of writing the characters “カテイ石鹸商標 (which means Trademark of KATEI soap)” with a pen is drawn with animation.  The characters are placed in the lower part of the painting “Mother and child” by French painter Rubrand.     Animation has been familiar to Japanese since 100 …

One scean of CM Animation about Soap

Conveyor Belt Sushi and Patent

Zen International Patents and Trademark Conveyor belt sushi restauratns are very popular among foreing visitors in Japan.  There’s always a long line of people waiting in front of a famous restaurant. According to media reports, market size of conveyor sushi restaurants of 2016 is about 605 bilion yen and it is expected to reach 674 billion yen in 2021. In 1958, Genroku Industry Co., Ltd. of Higashi Osaka City of Japan opened a conveyor belt sushi restaurant for the first time in the world.  The late Yoshiaki Shiraishi, the founder of Genroku Industry, had been developed a “swivel meal table” over a long period of ten years, and that became the foundation of conveyor …

Cooperation with Brazil in the Field of Industrial Property

Zen International Patents and Trademarks On August 1, 2017, the Japan Patent Office (JPO) and the National Institute of Industrial Property of Brazil (INPI) agreed on a memorandum of cooperation to expand cooperation in the field of industrial property. The outline of the memorandum is as follows:  Exchanging information on IP systems and practices at the Offices, such as IP strategy, IP international treaties, legislation, regulations, guidelines and manuals, as well as on statistical data on IP administration Cooperation on substantive examinations including the Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) and the Examiner Exchange Program (enhanced initiative) Cooperation in the field of Information Technology Cooperation in the field of human resources development for the officials …

national flag of brazil

Fireworks and Design

Zen International Patents and Trademark Under Japanese Design Law, “Design” means the shape, patterns or colors, or any combination thereof, of an object which creates an aesthetic impression through the eye. In other words, the shape, form and external appearance of an object can be protected under Design Law. Therefore, the logo or character which do not directly connect with an object are out of protection.  Also, electricity, light, heat, sound etc. are out of protection since those are not recognized as objects. To be protected, it must be tangible. For example, the shapes and patterns of fireworks launched in the sky are not tangible objects, and can not be protected under …

Miso and GI

Zen International Patents and Trademark Miso is Japanese traditional food and has been loved for more than 1300 years in Japan. Miso is made by fermenting soybeans with salt and Koji and sometimes rice, barley, or other ingredients. It is already known that miso is very effective for prevention of lung cancer or stomach cancer. Recently, researchers of Hiroshima University published that miso keeps blood pressure from climbing, which lowers the risk of developing health problems such as strokes. In relation to this, Hiroshima University’s Honorary Professor recommends to switch seasoning from salt to miso. By the way, on August 10, 2017, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries registered “Kishu …

Naming of “Tokyo Sky Tree”

Zen International Patents and Trademark Today’s topic is naming of “Tokyo Sky Tree”. “Tokyo Sky Tree” is a television broadcasting tower and landmark of Tokyo, Japan.  With a height of 634 meters, it is the world’s second highest structure, second only to “Burj Khalifa” of Dubai.  Lots of tourists of home and abroad visit here all through the year. With respect to the name “Tokyo Sky Tree”, more than 18,000 names were sought from the public in 2007, before starting construction. According to a book written by Asako Iida, a member of the Tokyo Sky Tree Review Committee, the name “Tokyo Sky Tree” was not ranked top 20 among all names. …

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