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J-PlatPat was suffered a serious cyber attack

Zen International Patents and Trademarks Japan Platform for Patent Information(J-PlatPat) is a free database related to industrial property rights such as patents, utility models, designs and trademarks operated by National Center for Industrial Property Information and Training(INPIT). J-PlatPat has suffered a serious cyber attack since March 10, 2017 and is making an emergency stop. When accessing J-PlatPat, the following message is displayed on the screen. “J-Plat-Pat is currently unavailable due to an unexpected system failure. We are working on early recovery. Thank you very much for your kind patience.” J-PlatPat is a database often used for patent search and trademark search and so on, so many people are waiting for …

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A new system for patent infringement litigation will be introduced.

Zen International Patents and Trademarks In Japan, it is necessary for the patent owner to prove that the infringed suspect infringes the patent. That is one reason why the patent owner can not win in court. Therefore, in 2018, a system will be introduced in which a neutral technical expert appointed by the court can conduct a survey (such as investigation into factories etc.) against the infringed suspect. When this system is introduced, the patent owner may become easy to win in court.

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40 patents related to foods have been registered

Zen International Patents and Trademarks As we wrote in our previous blog, the Examination Guidelines for Patent related to foods was revised at April 1, 2016. As a resul, approximately 40 patents have been registered. The food industry has had little to do with patents so far, but in the future, similar to the cosmetics industry and the pharmaceutical industry, patent disputes may increase. Companies trying to enter the Japanese functional foods market need to pay attention to functional food patents.    

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Compensation for a Service Invention

Zen International Patents and Trademarks A move to increase the compensation for “a service invention” has gained momentum among Japanese manufacturing companies.  (“A service invention” is defined as an invention created in the execution of employment tasks.)  Take for example for the case of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, it is considering paying incentives without upper limits to the employees whose inventions are highly evaluated outside the company. To win in international competition, many companies seem to be struggling to engage and motivate excellent employees.  

How far is the scope of patent for which the duration has been extended ?

Zen International Patents and Trademarks On January 20, 2017, Japanese Intellectual Property High Court showed the scope of patent which was extended the duration. The court ruled as follows:The validity of the patent extends not only to pharmaceuticals, but also to substances that are substantially identical as the pharmaceuticals. For more information, please see the judgment document.→click here

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The intellectual propety law was revised for TTP

Zen International Patents and Trademarks On December 9, 2016, the intellectual propety law was revised for Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). The points of this revised law is as follows: Extension of Exceptions to Lack of Novelty of Invention (patent law) Improvement of Extension system for the duration of patent (patent law) Introduction of minimum amount of damages (Trademark law) The points of caution is that the enforcement date of this revised law will be the effective date of the TPP.

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Examination Guidelines for Patent related to foods was revised

Zen International Patents and Trademarks Japan Patent Office revised the Examination Guidelines for Patent related to foods on April 1, 2016. Before April 1, 2016, It was difficult to grant a patent of foods in japan. But after revising the Examination Guidelines, it is now possible to grant a patent related to foods as we as other fields in japan.

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Annual ranking of U.S. patent recipients

Zen International Patents and Trademarks IFI CLAIMS Patent Services announced an annual ranking of U.S. patent recipients for 2016. IBM ranks in first place with 8,088 patents and followed by Samsung and Canon with 5,518 and 3,665 patents, respectively. IBM has held the top slot for 24 consecutive years.  

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Response period of notice of reasons for refusal

Zen International Patents and Trademarks According to PRESS RELEASE of Japan Patent Office, The operation concerning extension of the response period of the reasons for refusal in the patent application or trademark registration application has been changed.  A two-month extension of the response period is permitted with one request without reasonable grounds.  A further one month extension of the response period is permitted with the second request without reasonable grounds. Extension of the period up to three months is allowed.

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New patent classification for IoT-based technologies

Zen International Patents and Trademarks According to PRESS RELEASE of Japan Patent Office (JPO), JPO created a new patent classification (ZIT) for IoT-based technologies. This patent classification is This patent classification is to be introduced ahead of the world. From 2017, IP users can comprehensively collect and analyze japanese patent information on IoT-based technologies by using J-PlatPat.

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