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Kumamoto Fair by Amazon Japan

Zen International Patents and Trademarks April 2017 marks the first anniversary of the destructive series of Kumamoto Earthquakes which left many in devastation. Amazon Japan and Kumamoto prefecture reached an agreement aimed at industrial promotion and regional revitalization on April 11, 2017, According to the agreement, Amazon holds “Kumamoto Fair” on website until early July 2017 with the cooperation of Kumamoto prefecture. At the “Kumamoto Fair”, 4,900 items produced or manufactured by companies in Kumamoto prefecture are sold, along with 50,000 “Kumamon”-related merchandise.  (“Kumamon”  is a famous mascot PR character of Kumamoto prefecture.)

Examination Guidelines for Trademark will be revised

Zen International Patents and Trademarks At the present time, Japan patent office (JPO) is considering revising the trademark examination guideline for trademarks. One of the changes is to enable subsidiaries to acquire trademarks similar to trademarks registered by their parent company. Under current examination guideline for trademarks, since subsidiaries and other companies are in the same position, even a subsidiary can not register a trademark similar to the trademark registered by the parent company. Once the revised examination guideline for trademarks will be in enforced, the subsidiary will be able to register trademarks similar to the trademarks of the parent company.

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