Instagram as a Marketing Tool

Zen International Patents and Trademark

Nowadays, many Japanese companies try to use Instagram as a marketing tool.
For example, a certain travel agency started to provide tours for people who want to visit ”photogenic places” in the world.  The tours are especially popular among young women.

Some companies work on developing photogenic product labels (packages).
The simple package of "THE chocolate" of Meiji Co., Ltd. released in September 2016 has become a topic in Instagram.  "The chocolate" has multiple lines and the package color is different depending on the taste of chocolate.  Some people enjoy producing bookmarks or accessories using the package and post on Instagram.  The sales of "THE chocolate" achieved annual planned one in two month from its release.

We expect the number of trademark or design registrations will increase filed by the companies that work on developing photogenic labels.

  Trademark Registration No. 5871041


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