Golf Club Brand "XXIO"

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Hideki Matsuyama, a Japanese young golf player, played active role and showed excellent form during 2017 PGA tour.

The patter of "TP COLLECTION MULLEN" of Taylormade Golf that Matsuyama used during PGA tour is reportedly out of stock in Japan.

By the way, the golf club brand that boasts most tremendous popularity in Japan is "XXIO" of DUNLOP SPORTS Co., Ltd.

The word "XXIO" consists of "XXI" which indicates the number of twenty-one (21) by Roman numerals and "O" which is reminiscent of the shape of the golf ball.

The name "XXIO" comes with a wish of  "Golf balls flying towards the 21st century".

The logo of "XXIO" is protected by trademark law.

Japanese Trademark Registration no. 5486093

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