CM Animation about Soap Made in Japan 100 years ago

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A soap advertisement movie that had been sold by "Nakayama Taiyodo" (now CLUB cosmetics Co.,LTD.) , a cosmetics manufacturer in Kobe was discovered at KOBE PLANET FILM ARCHIVE.

This is 1 minute and 30 seconds animation movie.  It is said that this movie was produced by Seitaro Kitayama, the pioneer of Japanese animation.

In one scene of this movie, the process of writing the characters "カテイ石鹸商標 (which means Trademark of KATEI soap)" with a pen is drawn with animation.  The characters are placed in the lower part of the painting "Mother and child" by French painter Rubrand.    

Animation has been familiar to Japanese since 100 years ago.

One scean of CM Animation about Soap

source:Kobe Shimbun Co., Ltd. HP

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