Naming of "Tokyo Sky Tree"

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Today's topic is naming of "Tokyo Sky Tree".

"Tokyo Sky Tree" is a television broadcasting tower and landmark of Tokyo, Japan.  With a height of 634 meters, it is the world's second highest structure, second only to "Burj Khalifa" of Dubai.  Lots of tourists of home and abroad visit here all through the year.

With respect to the name "Tokyo Sky Tree", more than 18,000 names were sought from the public in 2007, before starting construction.

According to a book written by Asako Iida, a member of the Tokyo Sky Tree Review Committee, the name "Tokyo Sky Tree" was not ranked top 20 among all names.

Top 5 ranking is as follows:

1:  "Oedo"
2:  "New Tokyo Tower"
3:  "Sakura Tower"
4:  "Japan Tower"
5:  "Tokyo Sky Tower"

The above mentioned names could not be adopted because they were already registered as trademarks or there was a possibility of confusion with other names of facilities.

A Key factor of selection of "Tokyo Sky Tree" was that "東京スカイツリー” (Japanese notation of "Tokyo Sky Tree") made it easy to distinguish from "東京タワー” (Japanese notation of "Tokyo Tower").  "Tokyo Tower" was the highest structure in Japan until "Tokyo Sky Tree" was constructed.

In addition, sounds of the word "スカイツリー”("Sky Tree") produced a sharp impression and made it easy to recognize the structure as a part of the landscape.

When deciding name,  it seems necessary to consider factors of sounds of words.



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