Pet Coffin and IP

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In Japan, when a pet passes away, it is usually cremated and its cremated remains are buried in a pet cemetery.  Memorial services for pet is also hold.

In relation to death of a pet, many kinds of pet coffins are sold.  Among them, assembly type coffins made of cardboard seems to be the most popular.  (See the below image)
The cardboard is a cheap, light and strong material, so that it is well suited to pet coffins.


Some designs of pet coffins have been registered with Japan Patent Office.

The following image is a design of a pet coffin that was registered in the past.

On the upper surface of the coffin, a window for viewing the body and two holes for flower arrangement are formed.

The owner of the above design rights was a historical packaging materials company.  It's interesting this kind of company entered into pets industry.



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