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One of the flowers that are sold at the highest prices in Japan is Dahlia.
Dahlia is native to Mexico and it is believed that the Dutch introduced it to Japan.

There is an area that is engaged in industrial promotion using Dahlia.  It’s Hanawa town of Fukushima prefecture.
In Hanawa town’s “Dahlia Garden” of 7 thousand square meters, 5 thousand Dahlias are cultivated.

In this Garden, “bamboo powder agriculture method” is adopted for making soil for Dahlia cultivation. This is a unique farming method that spreads bamboo powder on the soil. Bamboo powder is made by machines.  Bamboo powder is consist of organic substances and it turns into fertilizer by microbes.

By the way, with respect to bamboo powder manufacturing machines,  some patents are registered in Japan.

Source: http://hanawa-kanko.com/hana/189