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In Japanese aging society with declining birthrate, market share of disposable diapers for adults is bigger than that of disposable diapers for babies. To increase sales of disposable diapers for babies, each diaper manufacturing company has put emphasis on attracting foreign consumers.

By the way, recently demand for other types of diaper has increased. That is a disposable diaper for an aging pet!

Take Unicharm company for example, they have developed functional and fashionable diapers for dogs.
(please see the image)

The product name is “マナーウエア (manners wear)”, that is trademark registered in Japan.
The concept is that pet owners enjoy going out with their pets while paying attention to the pets’ manners.

Personally, I hope diapers for my pets, tortoises will be developed in the future…

Source: http://www.unicharm.co.jp/company/news/2017/1205799_3926.html