Food for Elderly People in Japan

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Elderly people may not be able to eat hard foods because chewing and swallowing power become weaker.

Not only the taste but also the shape of food is related to the feeling of delicious in our brain.

The soft foods of which shape is the same as original one, have been developed so that the elderly people eat deliciously.

For example, the "Kishu Tanabe shime promotion council" composed of Tanabe City, Wakayama Prefecture and Kinan Agricultural Cooperative developed new food for nursing care food (See picture below).

The shape of this food looks like "Umeboshi", but it is made by mixing plum meat and polysaccharide thickening (this substance has the function of hardening the food in a jelly state).
The food is very soft and eldely people can easily eat.
It is reported that patent related to this technogy has already been filed in Japan.

When we become senior citizens, we are looking forward to what kind of foods will be developed.



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