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Did you know that you can listen to songs composed by Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Please check the song “Daddy’s Car” on YouTube.

You can listen to Beatles-like songs. This song is not entirely composed by AI, but most part of it was composed by AI (AI was instructed to make it in the Beatles style).

Until now, it was said that creative work like composition can only be done by humans, but composition by AI may become common.

By the way, the field of AI is not limited to music, it extends to novels. In fact, the novel “賢人降臨” written by AI is published electronically in Japan.

The Japanese government seems to be conscious of the trand of the times, and is considering who is the author of the work created by AI.

Considering the progress of AI, we are looking forward to see what kind of world will come in the future!

Daddy's Car