Power of Use Invention of Foods

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In recent years, two systems related to foods were enforced in Japan.

The first is the system of "Foods with Function Claims" (FFC), the second is the system of "Use Invention of Foods" (UIF).

The FFC is a system that allows companies to display food functionality in packages, etc. through submitting information on the scientific basis of the foods safety and effectiveness to the Consumer Affairs Agency.

On the other hand, the UIF is a system in which a patent is given to foods with limited use.

The FFC is an attractive system that can promote sales to consumers.

However, data such as safety data submitted to the Consumer Affairs Agency can be freely referred to by anyone, even though the submitter spent money and time to create it. 

As a result of this, there is a problem that similar foods with function claims will be immediately submitted to the Consumer Agency and sold in the market by competitors.

In order to prevent this, food companies are trying to utilize the food use invention system together with the functional food system.

In Japan, it may be important to make good use of the two systems.


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