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Honda Motor Co., Ltd. (HONDA) launched the robotic lawn mower “Miimo HRM520” in Japan on June 28, 2017.
It is the first time selling in Japan, although it had been sold in Europe since 2013.

HONDA has been studying robots since 1986 and succeeded in developing the humanoid robot “Asimo”. Miimo* is the first product to apply that technology.

Miimo* has a function of automatically returning to charge when the remaining battery level becomes low, as with iRobot “Rumba”.

The basic design concept of Miimo and Asimo is similar, and they have partly round shape.

The design of “Miimo HRM520” is protected by design rights in Japan.

*Miimo is an abbreviation of “My Intelligent Mower”


Japanese Design Registration No. 1576360