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According to the investigation of the Japanese Patent Office (JPO), it is revealed that the patent application of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Japan for 2015 has increased for 5 consecutive years.

number of patent applications

Source: JPO

The number of patent applications filed by SMEs in 2015 was 36,017 (2.9% increase over the previous year), and the ratio of domestic patent applications filed by SMEs was 13.9% (13.2% in the previous year).

In addition, the number of PCT international applications filed by SMEs in 2015 is 3,693 (5.6% increase over the previous year), and it is gradually increasing.

number of PCT applications

Source: JPO

The ratio of PCT international applications filed by Japanese SMEs was 8.6% (8.6% in the previous year), and the ratio of applicants for Japanese SMEs in PCT applications in 2015 was 51.3% (51.5% in the previous year).

Considering the above mentioned statistics, it seems that Japanese SMEs are trying to have their original technology protected by patents in order to differentiate from competitors and expand overseas.