Zen International Patents and Trademarks

On 24th May 2017, the Japan Patent Office (JPO) and the Intellectual Property India (IPI) signed a new action plan on the industrial property field.

The outline of the action plan is as follows:

  • Human resource development in industrial property field
  • Training for new patent examiners in India
  • Follow-up training for new patents examiners in India
  • Dispatch of experts on Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) from Japan to India
  • Holding seminars on Indian intellectual property system in Japan
  • Cooperation in raising awareness about intellectual property and promoting innovation

Based on the action plan, JPO will strengthen cooperation with IPI and support the speeding up of patent examination in India (IPI aims to shorten the waiting period for patent examination to 18 months by March 2018).

Considering the population of India, the number of patent applications from Japan to India may increase in the future.