Kao v.s. Daio Paper - Package design

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According to the media report on May 1, 2017, Kao Corporation filed a provisional disposition in the Tokyo District Court against Daio Paper Corporation to seek the suspention of sales of Daio's sanitary napkin "elis Megami Suhada-no-kimochi".

Kao explains in it's news release that comsumers confuse Kao's sanitary napkin "Lorie F Shiawase-Suhada" and Daio's "elis Megami Suhada-no-kimochi" and it is concerned about the adverse effect on Kao's sales.

The following images are Kao's "Lorie F Shiawase-Suhada" and Daio's "elis Megami Suhada-no-kimochi".



On both packages, plant drawing and two colors are used.  In addition, the word "Suhada" (bare skin) is commonly used.

However, personaly, we do not have an impression that both packeges are confusingly similar to each other.






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