Cartoon characters as promotion tool

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The Ministry of the Environment of Japan has released animation on the web to promote their "Cool Choice" campaign which aims to call young people's attention to environmental issues.
In the animation, two cartoon characters appeare and tell us how to prevent global warming. 
For the Ministry of the Environment, it is a new attempt in terms of using cartoon characters.

By the way, the name of two cartoon characters are "Kimino Ima" (which means "your present") and "Kimino Mirai" (which means "your future").
Those charcters were chosen from submissions from the public.

Kimino Ima (Trademark application no.20147-25172)


Kimino Mirai (Trademark Application no.2017-25173)

The character designs of "Kimino Ima" and "Kimino Mirai"  have been filed for trademark applications in the name of the Minister of the Environment.
Trademark application nos. are 2017-25172 & 2017-25173 respectively.
Cartoon characters can be protected under both copyright and trademark law.







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